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Your 2024 Lineup Is Here

Posted on: May 9, 2024

Your Global Dance Festival 2024 lineup is here! Join us at our new home at the Stockyards Event Center Grounds on July 26th & 27th. Featuring expanded festival site, extended hours until 1AM, enhanced VIP Village, new stage designs, a stacked lineup and more exciting changes ☀️

Tickets on sale NOW!!!

Performing artists include:
The Chainsmokers, Duke Dumont, Fisher, Gryffin, Kaytranada, Champagne Drip, Crankdat, G Jones, Kayzo, Ravenscoon, Said The Sky, 1991, Brondo, Canabliss, Chibs, Mport, Smoakland pres. Liquid Smoak, Twinsick, Vampa, Wuki, Boogie T b2b Jantsen, Aramis, Chocolate Drop, Concentrates, Decker Rush, Ecotek, FAYBL, Hartshorn, Lizzy Jane, Merci, Micvh, Morf, Muv, Njoy, Paws, Savage, Slwmo, WEON, Wessyde, ZOA

The Chainsmokers, Duke Dumont, Kaytranada, G Jones, Ravenscoon, Said The Sky, Brondo, Canabliss, Smoakland pres. Liquid Smoak, Vampa, Wuki, Concentrates, FAYBL, Hartshorn, Njoy, Slwmo, WEON, Wessyde, ZOA

Fisher, Gryffin, Champagne Drip, Crankdat, Kayzo, 1991, Chibs, Mport, Twinsick, Boogie T b2b Jantsen Aramis, Chocolate Drop, Decker Rush, Ecotek, Lizzy Jane, Merci, Micvh, Morf, Muv, Paws, Savage

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