Attractions - Global Dance Festival


We invite you to explore the world of Global Dance Festival and all of the distinctive elements that make it come to life. Embrace your sense of adventure and wander amongst the many striking art installations plus discover other hidden gems throughout the GDF grounds while you travel from stage to stage.

Art Installations

Explore the GDF grounds and discover a fanciful playground filled with art installations to delight the senses in both daylight and night-time hours. This year’s festival will include both returning pieces and brand new installations carefully curated for an experience to spark the imagination.

Food Truck Marketplace

Denver’s finest food trucks return to GDF at the Food Truck Marketplace encircling a seating area where you can enjoy a mid-festival snack or dinner break. Head on over for an assortment of gourmet delicacies to tantalize your tastebuds! Check out some of the best food trucks Mile High has to offer.


Clad in creative costumes and spreading infectious energy and positive vibes, this enchanting ensemble of roaming dancers, stilters, circus performers and more add an element of theatricality and playfulness both on and off the stage. You never know who you’ll run across as you frolic throughout the festival grounds!