We invite you to explore the world of Global Dance Festival and all of the distinctive elements that make it come to life. Embrace your sense of adventure and get your heart-racing on one of the many carnival rides, dance like no one’s watching at the Silent Disco, wander amongst the many striking art installations and discover other hidden gems throughout the GDF grounds while you meander from stage to stage.

Art Installations

Explore the GDF grounds and discover a fanciful playground filled with art installations to delight the senses in both daylight and night-time hours. This year’s festival will include both returning pieces and brand new installations carefully curated for an experience to spark the imagination. Submission details coming soon.

Silent Disco

This hidden gem might just be the most fun stage at GDF! Switch between three different channels for a multi-genre experience featuring sets from Denver’s best homegrown talent and a few surprise guests.

Food Truck Marketplace

Denver’s finest food trucks return to GDF in a brand new Food Truck Marketplace encircling a seating area where you can enjoy a mid-festival snack or dinner break. Head on over for an assortment of gourmet delicacies to tantalize your tastebuds! Check out some of the best food trucks the Mile High has to offer with:


Clad in creative costumes and spreading infectious energy and positive vibes, this enchanting ensemble of roaming dancers, stilters, circus performers and more add an element of theatricality and playfulness both on and off the stage. You never know who you’ll run across as you frolic throughout the festival grounds! Information regarding performer submissions and auditions can be found HERE as available.


Global Dance Festival 2018 will be bigger and better for its return to Mile High Stadium with all the rides you loved from last year and more! From the fast and furious Sky Fire to the flying Freak Out, get your rush of laughs and excitement across the festival grounds. Expect a thrilling time on favorites like the sky drop Supershot, swinging Vertigo and high rising Genesis. Take a ride on the towering Ferris Wheel for the best view of main stage and the downtown Denver skyline and enjoy a picture perfect moment you’ll never forget! Keep your eyes peeled for announcements about new rides debuting this year at Global Dance Festival.

Sky Fire

Making its way to the grounds of Global Dance Festival, Sky Fire is an innovative and exciting take to the sky!


Experience the drop in all new ways with our 90 foot tall Supershot at GDF! Make your way to the top before making a sudden plunge back down to the ground!


Take a wild ride on the Tornado!


Get ready to ride the Genesis! An epic way to see the sights while getting your thrills, you’ll experience fast side-to-side motion as you are whipped around in alternating directions by this towering machine!


Take a trip to the sky as the Vertigo offers an all new view of Global Dance Festival. Rise 90 feet in the air for the ultimate swing ride!

Freak Out

Who’s ready to Freak Out at Global Dance Festival? Towering at 70 feet, the Freak Out will take you on a thrilling journey into the sky!


Experience an orbital rotation as the famed Orbiter drops down at Global Dance Festival!