Please make sure to review the RULES and ABOUT.  Many questions can be answered there.


Q: Will I be allowed to leave and re-enter the Festival?
A: No, there is no re-entry allowed.

Q: What are the event times?
A: 3:00pm-11:00pm Daily

Q: Will GDF be on the Sports Authority Field at Mile High field?
A: We are transforming the grounds at Sports Authority Field at Mile High into a true all-encompassing festival experience. Parts of the stadium, external grass lawns, and paved areas will be used. The players field has a limited capacity and once reached, additional attendees would be barred from entering the field. The field would also need to be covered in its entirety. We want the complete #GDF17 experience to be accessible to all attendees and so we will not be using the field.

Q: Will set times and a map of the show be released in advance?
A: Yes, both will be available on this site and on our social networks before the festival.

Q: Can I apply for performers/vendors/art installations/food trucks?
A: Yes
Perform – Performer audition videos can be sent via email to rachel@betanightclub.com by June 23rd. Dancer auditions will be held at The Church Nightclub on June 30th, starting check-in at 9 pm.
VendorsPlease fill out the application to be a vendor HERE.
Art InstallationsPlease submit your complete proposal including photos and as much information as possible for consideration to art@globaldance.us. Some details to include: power and equipment needs, installation time and essential crew members. Submissions close June 9, 2017.
Food Trucks – We are no longer accepting food truck submissions.

Q: Can I apply for a media pass
A: Please fill out the application HERE. The deadline to apply is June 30, 2017. For photographers, please fill out application to help shoot our attractions around the venue HERE.

Q: What is/isn’t allowed inside the event?
A: See full list of guidelines above.

Q: Can I bring a GoPro?
A: No. Video cameras and professional recording equipment are not allowed. GoPro’s fall into this category.

Q: Can I bring marijuana?
A: Marijuana, marijuana products, and associated paraphernalia are not allowed inside the grounds at Sports Authority Field at Mile High.

Q: Can I bring a CamelBak?
A: Yes, provided that it’s empty upon your arrival. They will be inspected.

Q: Can I bring totems/rage sticks?
     Maximum height is 10 feet. Maximize width is 4 feet at widest point.
     Totems must be made from a lightweight material (e.g., foam, PVC / no solid metal).
     Collapsible/telescoping camera extenders that follow the above guidelines are OK (lightweight/hollow aluminum/polycarbonate).
     PVC, light wood or aluminum poles must be no thicker than 1 inch in diameter.
     Inflatables attached to totems must be deflated upon entry.
     Any item deemed dangerous will not be allowed.
     Totems deemed inappropriate will not be permitted.

Q: Can I bring LED Light Gloves, LED Finger Lights or LED Hand Light Toys, Hula Hoops, Poi, LED staffs
A: LED Gloves, LED Finger Lights, Pacifiers, Hand Light toys not allowed.
Hula Hoops and Poi allowed.

Q: Will tickets be sold at the event?
A: If the festival does not sell out in advance, tickets will be available at the box office at a higher price on show date. Do not buy tickets from scalpers. Beware of frauds.

Q: Can I upgrade my GA ticket to VIP?
A: Yes. Please contact Ticketmaster to do this.

Q: Can I pay off my payment plan tickets early?
A: There is not a way to pay a payment plan ticket early.

Q: My payment has not processed yet!
A: Please contact Ticketmaster at 800-653-8000.