Prep For GDF 2021 With Our Global Check List

Posted on: July 23, 2021

We can’t wait to be dancing with our Global Dance family at GDF 2021! Before you make your way to Empower Field on Friday, be sure to keep these things in mind!

– Global Dance Festival 2021 takes place on Friday, July 23rd – Saturday, July 24th 20121
– Doors will open at 3pm and close at 11pm on Friday and Saturday. Remember, VIP attendees will check in and enter the festival at the VIP Entrance on the south end of the festival!
– Don’t forget your government issued ID! Make sure to check ID guidelines here.
– Stay hydrated each day with our multiple water stations across the fest!
– Make sure to review the Rules & Guidelines + the FAQ sections!
– Have personal items you need to keep safe during the fest? Rent a mobile charging locker to keep your belongings secure here!
– View the artist schedule here!
– View the map for Global Dance Festival 2021 here!
– Keep yourself and other attendees safe by checking out our safety information here!