“I really like electronic music because you have complete control over all the dynamics of the audio. I like to think about a music program as having an orchestra of infinitely talented musicians at your disposal at any time, willing to play any instrument you craft for them and any melody you write for them. As a composer, it’s a really exciting opportunity to have.”

Yheti is known for his uniqueness. He is unapologetically, himself. He says, “I feel like what stifles a lot of people’s creativity is feeling embarrassed to express themselves. One of the most crucial parts of creating quality art is expressing yourself fully, being honest, and embracing your own personality.”

His creativity is evident through not only the composition of his music, but additionally his hand drawn artwork that’s paired with it. While out of the box, the drawings speak volumes and withhold their own story in each piece. He’s also known for playing very long DJ sets, and also sunrise sets at music festivals. In the Summer of 2019 alone he did so at: Wakaan Festival, Equinox Festival, Sonic Bloom Festival, Backwoods Festival, Serenity Gathering, Rabbits Eat Lettuce Festival & Emissions Festival. While preparing for DJ sets, in addition to his original music, he spends countless hours finding + downloading underground music from Bandcamp. Which is part of what makes the live experience so unique and special.

He has been making music since he was 13 years old. His most played single “Crack The Window” has over 1m+ streams amongst various digital retailers. He has toured extensively since 2013 with the likes of G Jones, DMVU, and Toadface. His previous headline tour, Tour Deformed, comprised 40 dates across the USA, Mexico, and stretched all the way to Australia.

His newest test has been crafting his long awaited LP “The Party Has Changed.” The album was released on Friday, February 7th 2020 and contains 11 tracks. With an original hand drawing as the album cover. Yheti looks forward to playing shows again in 2021, and releasing another full length album.