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Lost Kings

Los Angeles-based EDM duo Lost Kings bring together woozy grooves, house influences, and more mainstream electronic styles to create a sound that has both the familiarity of pop and a distinctive party-starting energy. After first gaining some attention for their remixes of tracks by well-known artists like and , Lost Kings signed to subsidiary label and began releasing original material on a series of EPs that included 2019’s Lost Angeles and 2021’s It’s Not You, It’s Me.

DJs Robert Abisi and Nick Shanholtz bonded over a love of electronic music culture and their shared status as recent transplants to L.A. from the East Coast. In 2014, the two began making tracks together as Lost Kings, focusing prominently on remixes of other artists over original compositions. The act almost immediately drew major attention for unofficial remixes of tracks by artists such as , , and , gaining enough momentum to sign a management deal. In 2015, they released The Bad EP, followed the next year by companion piece The Good EP. Amid constant touring and ever-growing popularity, Lost Kings began receiving commissions for official remixes for bigger names. The year 2015 saw them reworking ‘s hit “Should’ve Been Us,” and they released an official remix for ‘s “Work” single in 2016.

In addition to wildly successful remix work, Lost Kings also made it to the charts with their own compositions, including “Phone Down” featuring and early 2017’s “Quit You” with . They followed with “Look at Us Now” featuring Ally Brooke and , and “First Love” with . 2018 saw the releases of the singles “When We Were Young” featuring and “Drunk as Hell” featuring , both of which appeared on the Paper Crowns EP in early 2019. Also that year, they issued a second EP, Lost Angeles. More stand-alone tracks arrived in 2020, including “Hurt” featuring , “Oops (I’m Sorry)” with and , and “Mountains” featuring Masn. The 2021 EP It’s Not You, It’s Me saw the Kings expanding their style to include traces of emo-pop melody and songs built on guitar loops. The EP included guest features from , , , and others. In 2022, the group released the song “Under the Influence,” again with guest contributions from . ~ Fred Thomas, Rovi