Green Velvet

Saturday July 20th - 2019 |

“Over strafing percussion that gives his thumping beats an unusually funky kick, Green Velvet cackles mischievously as he offers a guided tour of the rave scene for outsiders unfamiliar with its pharmacology (“Flash”) and replays voice mails from ex-girlfriends and angry landlords (“Answering Machine”). He’s the new mad professor of electronica, hopped up on his own nuttiness.” – NYMag

A leader and progressive in the tech and house world, Curtis Alan Jones, aka Green Velvet, is a pioneer and mastermind in production. Originally studying to become a doctor and chemical engineer as well as working towards a master’s at UC Berkeley, Jones found a passion that could not be quelled and returned to Chicago to pursue his dream under the moniker Cajmere. After solidifying a spot in the house world with major classics, Jones found a new love in the realm of techno. Dying his hair into a bright green spike and taking on the new name Green Velvet, Jones came into his own and started a tech revolution with his infectious sound that swept across the world and has become a global phenomenon.