Saturday July 20th - 2019 |

Where do EDM and pop meet? At the Swedish duo known as Galantis, of course! Galantis’ music is undoubtedly some of the world’s most famous. Their bubbly charismatic tunes put anyone in a good mood and really get the party started. With a collective five decades in music production, this duo is no stranger to creating masterpieces from scratch. Songwriting is something that the two hold very close to their hearts, and feel that it’s vital to creating their groundbreaking tunes. Practice makes perfect, and Galantis has damn near reached that. Galantis isn’t about taking the most popular route for music production, but more so follow the road less traveled. They aren’t scared to experiment with new sounds to create something that they can be proud of. Every bit of this duo is poured into everything they put out, and the crowd knows it. Galantis never fails to impress – and as always…remember to spread it like peanut butter jelly and remember the good moments in life with Galantis as your soundtrack.