Saturday July 20th - 2019 |

Touching on dubstep, electro, and drum ‘n’ bass, Dirtyphonics quickly built a reputation as a pair of unique heavy hitters in the industry. The duo has stood the test of time due to their boundless musical panache, their ability to not be held into one genre and their willingness to challenge conventional composition standards. Shortly after bursting onto the scene in 2008, they joined in at Dim Mak. Dirtyphonics unleashed their debut full-length album “Irreverence”, gathering attention for its mix of electronic with a myriad of genres including neo-metal and drumstep. Fast forward into 2017 when they collabed with bassnectar to create the explosive jungle-inspired banger “Watch Out” featuring Ragga Twins. as well as their hit “Got Your Love” with blossoming dubstep duo RIOT. Bringing us into 2019 Dirtyphonics have just released their new single “Rise From the Dead” on Disciple records and have announced their brand new Live show which will be performed at this years Global Dance Festival 2019!