Bonnie x Clyde

Saturday July 20th - 2019 |

BONNIE X CLYDE have continued their rapid rise to stardom. Their debut “WANTED” EP captured the hearts and minds of millions with their leadoff single “Bass Jam” topping the charts at #1 for seven weeks straight and accumulating millions of streams on Spotify. BONNIE X CLYDE took their success on the road, embarking on a rigorous touring schedule both nationally and internationally. The duo have positioned themselves for a monumental year in 2019 and continue to takeover new markets and increase their fan base “The Rosegang”. Headlining shows across the nation, the duo has mastered the art of creating an experience that will have you headbanging to tearing up. With their latest release “SO HIGH”, an amazing summer anthem, the duo look to bring an emotional and heavy hitting set that is not to be missed.