Black Caviar

Friday July 19th - 2019 |

“Especially out of the thousands and thousands of songs that are constantly coming out. Somehow they gravitated towards ours. People are reacting to what we’re doing. There’s just so much garbage and anger and hatred in the world and it feels so good to put out something with positive energy to combat all that negativity.” Hinson – Black Caviar

The New York City Electronic Duo Black Caviar is one to see. With their different styles which fuse elements of Detroit House and NYC Hip-Hop, and a blend of New Orleans Bounce and twist of Latin Rhythm, this set will be nothing but high energy. The group’s latest single, “Killa S**t Funk,” puts doom and gloom with an old-school approach — think classic Brooklyn rap with a modern electronic twist. Amassing almost 50 million Spotify streams in their illustrious career so far, Black Caviar’s rise has been nothing short of meteoric. They play a variety of shows including private rooftop and pool parties in Las Vegas and LA, to massive EDM festivals across the nation. Black Caviar is here to serve funky yet elegant beats, so if you’re looking for a classy time, make sure to swing by the Amazon!