Andy Immerman

Saturday July 20th - 2019 |

“I wanted to do something with music. Music was always my biggest passion and it was always something that really inspired me. Growing up, I was constantly listening to CDs. I would go outside during recess in elementary school and listen to my CDs while everybody played soccer. My parents always played music and my dad was big into music — he played the guitar growing up and we had a piano in the house. It was something that I felt came naturally to me that I enjoyed, so it was something that I pursued.”
Andy Immerman – 303 magazine

Originally Coming from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, 29-year-old Andy Immerman has been carving out his niche as a multi-talented artist since his relocation to Denver in 2010. The producer and DJ has performed his unique brand of funky and melodic house music at venues all over Denver. His sense of music helped engineer a Grammy Award winning album — Bon Iver’s 2011 self-titled LP, before he even graduated college. In addition to being an accomplished audio engineer, DJ and producer, Immerman has an eye for graphic design and photography. The artist creates all of his own prolific and unique visual art creating entrancing, dream-like images through photography and 3D graphic design. Making his live sets something to see. Andy Immerman is always a fun, upbeat performance, so come support your locals and get your groove on with him!