Artist Spotlight: FuntCase

Posted on: July 14, 2017

“With a knack for gnarly, high-octane dubstep productions, energy fueled stage presence and attention grabbing persona, 28 year old James Hazell, a.k.a. Funtcase is arguably one of the UK’s most ruthless and merciless musical exports.” – EDMTunes

Britain’s own bass mogul James Hazell, aka FuntCase, has become a fan favorite between dub and heavy bass fans alike. Starting originally under the moniker DJ Dose as a Drum n Bass DJ in 2007, Hazell took the name FuntCase in 2009 and hasn’t looked back since. Joining Flux Pavilion and Doctor P’s Circus Records imprint in 2010, FuntCase has since become a major player in the dub community. Receiving jaw dropping support from multiple bass heavy names in the dance community, including Excision, Datsik and all amounts of other stars, FuntCase has proven time and again that his innovative sound and high energy performances set him apart from the rest of the dance community in a way that is all his own.