Artist Spotlight: Crywolf

Posted on: July 5, 2017

“The process of growing as an artist is, in my opinion, a task of digging deeper and deeper into yourself. Striving to become more vulnerable and honest, with both yourself and your audience.” – Crywolf

Beginning in Hong Kong and moving to the US as a teenager, Justin Taylor Phillips is the artistic mind behind Crywolf. Starting his musical career as a dubstep act but finding true passion for a blend of beauty and melody coupled with live instrumentation and his own vocal qualities, Phillips has become a major name in the emotional side of the dance music community. Garnering praise from names like Illenium, Bassnectar and other massives, Crywolf’s blend of acoustic and natural percussive elements with soaring production have created an incredible amount of devotion from fans across the country. Taking crowds on a sonic journey of emotion, Crywolf’s sound and style are one of the most unique in the electronic world.