Artist Spotlight: Asadi

Posted on: July 12, 2017

“By now, chances are you know who ASADI is, and for a good reason. The 22 year old producer has been dominating the scene for some time now with a unique sound of his own; Persian Trap Music.” –

Columbus, Ohio born and Orlando, Florida based ASADI has won over the masses with his unique spin off aptly named Persian Trap. A unique blend of Persian-influence with heavy bass stylings, the unique sound has become synonymous with the young producer’s name and has developed fans across the world. Combining cinematics and 808s, ASADI presents a show unlike any other, showcasing his live capabilities in viral mash-up videos showing his prowess as both a producer and performer. Using Native Instruments’ Maschine, ASADI creates live with the beat pad based technology which allows him to showcase his insane musical talent.