Art Installations

Global Dance Festival invites artists to submit their visual and interactive installation art to be a part of the immersive #GDF17 experience as we transform the grounds of Sports Authority Field at Mile High for our fifteenth anniversary! We are looking for art that is engaging in both daylight and nighttime hours. Artists will need to transport their work to and from the grounds within the timeline outlined by the festival. We are currently only accepting existing work. Please submit your complete proposal including photos and as much information as possible for consideration to Some details to include: power and equipment needs, installation time and essential crew members. Submissions close June 9, 2017.

Silent Disco

Global Dance Festival is proud to offer our Amazon Disco, an immersive silent disco experience featuring multi-channel performances from various talents and a plethora of genres. Escape to a tranquil jungle of beats between with constant talent performing throughout each day. More names to be announced.


Take a break throughout the day and enjoy our free Arcave hidden away from the sun. Featuring age old classics and fan favorites, enjoying getting lost in the virtual world before heading back out for more Global fun.

Arcade Games:
Asteroids, Tron, Donkey Kong, Ms Pac Man, Q*bert, Tempest, Pac-Man, Punch Out, Mortal Kombat, Galaga, Fix It Felix Jr., Star Wars, Tapper, Dragon’s Lair

Food Trucks

Introducing another brand new addition to Global Dance Festival, #FoodTruckLane!

Once you’ve danced up an appetite, stop by and pick from an assortment of food trucks serving up all kinds of tasty dishes to tantalize your taste buds!

Announcing the food trucks for #GDF17: Barbed Wire Reef, Chuey Fu’s Latin Asian Grub, Gyros King, Happy Cones Co, Maine Street BBQ, The Orange Crunch, Roll It Up Sushi, Sebastian’s La Cocina and Sunshine Bowls.


Gear up for our massive Global Dance Festival experience as we get ready to unveil an entire world of new adventures. This year, we’re bringing you some of the biggest and best carnival rides FOR FREE to get you spinning into motion. From the fast and furious Sky Fire to thrill flying Freak Out, get your rush of laughs and excitement all on the festival grounds. Featuring amusement favorites like the spinning Orbit, the twisting and screaming Tornado and the high rising Genesis, no lack of thrills will be uncovered. Take a ride on our sky towering Ferris Wheel for the best view of main stage and the downtown skyline for a picture perfect moment to never forget your time spent at the Global Dance Experience.

Sky Fire

Making it’s way to the ground of Global Dance Festival, Sky Fire is an innovative and exciting take to the sky. This very substantial ride is comprised of a central column with two arms on opposite sides, which rotate about the top of the column. The arms rotate in opposite directions to one another and revolve through 360˚ delivering a breathtaking acceleration of 2.5 G to the riders.


Experience an orbital rotation as the famed Orbit drops down at Global Dance Festival. The Orbit features a number of articulated arms radiating from a central rotating vertical axis. Each arm supports a cluster of cars, which are lifted through 90° into the horizontal position once the ride is spinning. At the same time, each cluster of cars rotates around its arm’s axis.

Ferris Wheel

Get the best view of mainstage and downtown as you take a ride on our massive Ferris Wheel at Global Dance Festival. Featuring a sky high view overlooking the festival and all the great views Denver has to offer, this is the best way to get a 360 view of the whole Global Dance Experience!


Get ready to experience the Genesis, touching down at this year’s Global Dance Festival. An epic way to see the sights while getting your thrills, patrons will experience fast side-to-side motion as they are whipped around in alternating directions by this towering machine!


It’s about to be a wild ride as the Tornado touches down at Global Dance Festival this year! The Tornado has 6 arms that hold four bucket seats which riders control the spin of their individual cars. As the ride begins to spin, the center lifts and swings the cars outward.

Freak Out

Who’s ready to Freak Out at Global Dance Festival? Towering at 70 feet, the Freak Out seats 16 patrons and takes them on a thrilling journey into the sky! Passengers are secured by over the shoulder harnesses as they dangle in expectation. Once the ride begins the seats slowly rotate as the entire boom begins to swing horizontally. Passengers swing over the midway directly overhead of those watching from the front of the ride. The ride climax is reached as the boom reaches a height of over 40 feet in the air while the passenger seats rotate.