Doors For Global Dance Festival 2017 Are Now Open!

Posted on: July 21, 2017

Welcome to the new generation of Global Dance Festival! Enter a whole new world of adventure, filled with music, attractions and so much more. As we head into our biggest and best rendition of #GDF17 yet, we want you to experience it all! Make sure to take time to travel through the Dragonfly Art Park to find the weird and abstract, or make your way to the carnival rides and games for a laughs, sights and thrills. Take a visit to the jungle with our Amazon Silent Disco featuring all assortments of phenomenal local talent from Denver, or hit the different stages to check out amazing talent from around the world. Make sure to cool off either at Geyser Underpass or in the Arcave featuring a free arcade, bar and lockers for rent! Don’t forget to take breaks and hydrate! The doors to our amazing new Global Dance Festival experience are now open, we can’t wait to see you here! Tickets still available for purchase at doors.